What is a document camera used for

Can I use a document camera on zoom?

1. Before being able to use your cell phone as a document camera, you will need to download the free “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” app. … To begin sharing your cell phone’s screen, select “share content” and “screen.” Next, select “start broadcast” with Zoom and exit the Zoom app.

What is document camera in the classroom?

Document cameras ( or doc cams) allow you to project and write on, or otherwise manipulate, objects — whether paper, books, or chemical models — to make the thinking process come alive for students.​ This post describes three ways to use this easy-to-use and flexible classroom tool.

Do document cameras need projectors?

A document camera has to be connected to a projector or monitor. Ideally, though, it should be connected to a computer to allow you to do things like take and store photos and record audio and video. … Any doc cam should have an optical zoom lens, allowing you to zero in on small print or illustrations.

Can I use my phone as a document camera?

When iDocCam is used in conjunction with IPEVO Visualizer software, you can instantly turn your smartphone into a wireless document camera. … Grab another device and install IPEVO Visualizer on it. You can use a Mac, PC, Chromebook, iOS/Android devices, or 4th generation and above version of Apple TV. *

Can a document camera be used as a webcam?

A document camera can also be used as a document scanner and, in some cases, double as a webcam.18 мая 2020 г.

How do I view a document camera on my computer?

The best way to connect a desktop computer to a document camera/projector is with the use of a long VGA cable and Y splitter cable. In this way, you can still see you monitor image when not using the projector. Remove the monitor cable from the back of the computer, and insert one end of the Y splitter.

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How do I display a document camera on my laptop?

Locate the VGA cable in one of the floor boxes; attach the cable to the VGA port on your laptop or document camera. The port is located on the back or side of your laptop. Look for a monitor icon . For the document camera, select one of the VGA-out ports.

Is an ELMO a document camera?

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Make your lesson and presentation memorable with an ELMO document camera. ELMO visual presenters allow you to display documents and objects for your entire audience to see. Simply connect to a projector and your audience will be engaged.

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