What does candid camera mean

How do you use the word candid?

Sentence Examples

  1. The owner was candid about the things that went wrong as well as the successes.
  2. They were very candid portraits.
  3. He also took the moment to be very candid about his divorce from wife Yvette.
  4. The government has been quite candid on this point.
  5. It was a candid admission of guilt.

How do you spell Candid Camera?


  1. a small camera that may be used to take informal photographs of people, usually without their knowledge.
  2. (as modifier)a candid-camera photograph.

Is being candid a good thing?

First and foremost, people who speak candidly (not cruelly) report higher levels of job satisfaction, confidence and results. By communicating clearly and openly about what’s on your mind, you can even be more effective and more productive.

When did Candid Camera air?

10 августа 1948 г.

What do u mean by candid?

adjective. frank; outspoken; open and sincere: a candid critic. free from reservation, disguise, or subterfuge; straightforward: a candid opinion. informal; unposed: a candid photo.

What does candid girl mean?

Straightforward and truthful talk might be described with the adjective candid. In photography, candid has become a noun meaning “an unposed photo.” The word comes from Latin candidus, meaning “white,” which was later extended to mean “pure.” Candid talk provides the pure, unvarnished truth. …

Who was Mr Candid Camera?

Allen Funt

How do you spell W?

W or w is the 23rd and fourth-to-last letter of the modern English and ISO basic Latin alphabets. It usually represents a consonant, but in some languages it represents a vowel. Its name in English is double-u, plural double-ues.

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Do You Spell camera?

Correct spelling for the English word “camera” is [kˈamɹə], [kˈamɹə], [k_ˈa_m__ɹ_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is the difference between candid and honest?

Honest means “not lying” (ie, a response given is in fact true). Candid means “unguarded” – speaking your mind, speaking your actual opinions “off the record” rather than a careful or constructed response.

What is candid communication?

Candid communication is when you speak frankly to each other, without unnecessary embellishments or polite veneers. … And that is basically the foundation of candid communication.

Can I speak candidly?

In all honesty; being totally truthful. Used to introduce an honest truth that is unpleasant to hear or difficult to accept.

When did Candid Camera end?


Was Fannie Flagg on Candid Camera?

Flagg, whose real name is Patricia Neal, was a comedian and actress with credits including “Candid Camera” and “The New Dick Van Dyke Show.” But she is most famous as the woman who, despite her dyslexia, wrote “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe.” Her latest novel is not a sequel to that bestseller (which was …

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