Often asked: How To Share Nest Camera?

Share your camera with an app invitation

  1. With a computer, sign in at home.nest.com.
  2. Select the camera that you want to share and click Settings in the top right corner.
  3. Click Camera sharing.
  4. Select a sharing option:
  5. Click Agree Share.
  6. A link will be created for your camera.

Can a nest camera be connected to two accounts?

You can create as many Nest accounts as you wish, as long as each account uses a different email address. You can then create, or accept invitations for, up to two more homes with each account.

Can you connect 2 phones to nest?

Owners have full control of all devices, settings, subscriptions, and Works with Nest connections in the structure. Owners can invite other people to share control of the Nest products in their home. Each person with access has a separate Nest account, and can control Nest devices in the owner’s home.

How do I share my nest video?

Share or download clips

  1. Go to home.nest.com and sign in.
  2. Select the camera you want to view.
  3. Select Clips in the lower right corner of the screen.
  4. Choose View clips.
  5. Select the clip you want to share or download.
  6. Choose one of the icons at the bottom of the video window to share your clip.

How do I add someone to my nest account?

To use the new feature, you’ll need to install the latest version of the app (iOS | Android). After updating, the new app will walk you through inviting a family member to share your Nest account. It’s simple; you only need to enter an email address for the individual.

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How do I share my Nest with family?

To share your Nest Thermostat with another user, start by opening up the Nest app and tapping on the settings gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Next, tap on “Family”. Tap on “Add a family member” on the next screen. You’ll have two options to choose from: “From contacts” or “Enter email address”.

How do I connect my Nest Cam to a new phone?

On the home screen, tap Add device or service. Tap New device. Choose the home you want to add your camera to, or select Add another home to create a new one. Then, tap Next.

Can multiple people log into Nest?

Depending on the level of shared access you choose, people you invite can add, remove, and control Nest products in the Nest app. The maximum number of people who can share a Nest home is 20: One Owner. Up to nine additional people with Full Access.

What is Google Nest partner connections?

The Device Access program allows trusted partners to offer access, management, and control of Nest devices within the partner’s app, solution, and ecosystem. It allows developers to test all API traits in the sandbox environment, before moving forward with commercial integration.

Can you live stream a Nest camera?

Straight out of the box, your Google Nest camera or doorbell can stream live video for free in the Home app or Nest app. Depending on which Nest Aware subscription you choose and the camera or doorbell model you have, your camera can save clips of important activity or continuous video whenever your camera is on.

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Can I store Nest video locally?

The Nest Cam (wired) saves video to local storage a little bit differently. It can still record video and store it locally when the Wi-Fi or internet goes out, and then upload it to the cloud when it reconnects.

How long are Nest videos saved?

Depending on your subscription, the Nest service can hold up to 30 days of video. There’s no need to organize or manage the video. Everything is in the cloud.

How do I transfer ownership of nest?

You can easily transfer the Google Nest Thermostat to a new owner by removing yourself as the old owner from your own account and then transfer the device to the new homeowner’s account instead. You are basically doing it digitally as well without even tampering with the Nest Thermostat.

How do I change the owner of my nest?

Changing the Owner of Your Nest Camera. If you decide to switch your Nest Cam to a different owner, the process is simple and easy. To change the owner of a Nest Camera, you must first remove your account from the device, which will free it up for another user to take over as the new owner.

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