How To Connect Blink Camera To Wifi?

When the lights match a blinking blue and solid green pattern, then press Discover Device and you are asked to join the Sync Module Wi-Fi network. Tap Join, and then select your Wi-Fi network from the available choices. Carefully enter your Wi-Fi password and tap Join on your keyboard.

Why is my Blink camera not connecting to Wi-Fi?

Restart your device, or try switching the Wi-Fi setting off and on again to establish a connection. Make sure your mobile device is within range of your router or access point. Check that your router and any access points are powered on. Restarting your Wi-Fi router may also resolve this issue.

How do I reset my Blink camera Wi-Fi?

From the the Camera Settings screen scroll down to the bottom and tap Change Wi-Fi. In the Change Wi-Fi screen, follow the instruction to “Press and release the reset button on the camera until red and blue lights flash. When ready, the lights will display: Blinking Blue, Steady Green.”

How do I reconnect my Blink camera?

If you are having any issues with your Sync Module, it is best to first power cycle the Sync Module by unplugging the power cord from the back of the unit for 10 seconds and then plug it back in. This should cause the device to reboot and then reconnect within 45 seconds displaying a solid blue and solid green light.

Does Blink camera connect to Wi-Fi or sync module?

Blink’s original Indoor, XT, and XT2 cameras will only connect to the same Wi-Fi SSID that the Sync Module is connected to. To set up these cameras with an extender, be sure to rename the Wi-Fi extender SSID to be the same the main Wi-Fi network, and use the same password.

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How do I reconnect my blink to WIFI?

Follow these steps to begin the configuration process.

  1. Open the Blink app on your Smartphone.
  2. Go to the setting.
  3. Select the system setting as per your requirement.
  4. Next, tap on the Sync Module to access the status screen.
  5. In the Sync module windows, tap on the “Change Wi-Fi Network.”

What WIFI band does blink use?

Blink devices use your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network to communicate with the main servers. Some routers create a 5 GHz network that may be visible to your phone or tablet, but will not be visible to the Blink system.

How do I connect my Blink camera to the Sync Module?

Add a Sync Module and create a system

  1. From the home screen, tap the Add Device + icon.
  2. The Add Device screen displays your device options.
  3. The serial number is also printed as a QR code.
  4. Create a new system by tapping the text entry box and providing a name.

Why is my Blink system offline?

If you receive a “Camera Offline” notification that “Your Blink Mini is offline”, it means the Blink servers no longer have communication with the camera. The first, is to check the Wi-Fi internet and the power supply, then check the camera power connection.

What is the USB port on Blink Sync Module for?

The newer Blink Sync Module 2 has a USB port that accepts a USB drive up to 256 GB in size. It can be used to store motion clips from Blink Outdoor, Indoor (2nd gen), and Mini cameras. If you want to save clips outside of using Blink’s cloud service, you will have to use a USB drive inserted into the Sync Module.

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Does Blink work if WIFI goes out?

Blink cameras can’t operate offline and require a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Internet connection. One important reason is because cameras use Wi-Fi to send images and notifications. Blink systems minimally require a high speed connection of at least 2 Mbps upload speed.

Why is my Blink app not working?

If you still aren’t receiving push notifications from Blink, you can try the following steps: Sign out of the Blink app, then sign back in. Power cycle your phone by turning it off, then back on. Delete the Blink app, then re-download it from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Where is the reset button on Blink Sync module?

The reset button is located on the right-hand side of the Sync Module next to the USB port. Please note that this could take between 15-30 seconds. This will cause the Sync Module to reboot into setup mode.

What is the WIFI range of a Blink camera?

How far away can camera units be placed? Assuming a fairly standard home (single building, no unusually dense construction materials), the Sync Module should be able to communicate with Blink units up to (and perhaps over) 100′ away in any direction.

How far can Blink camera be from WIFI?

How far away can camera units be placed? Assuming standard construction techniques (single building, no unusually dense construction materials) the Sync Module should be able to communicate with Blink cameras up to (and perhaps over) 100′ away in any direction.

Does Blink camera work without Sync Module?

By itself, your Blink Outdoor Camera is just a camera—and nothing more. Additionally, without the Sync Module, it would not be able to connect to the internet and relay notifications. Unfortunately, this means you also couldn’t use its two-way audio or live stream features.

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