Camera roll vs photo library

What is the difference between photos and camera roll?

The simplest way to explain the difference between your Camera Roll and Photo Stream is that your Camera Roll is where all the pictures you’ve taken with your iPhone are, whereas My Photo Stream syncs only the most recent ones, so you can access them on other devices.

What is a camera roll?

Camera Roll is the perfect Gallery App to enjoy your photos, gifs and videos. … With Camera Roll you can see and edit the Exif-Data of your pictures. ==== Hidden Folder ==== This Gallery App is able to show and help you clean up your hidden Folders.

Why do photos stay in camera roll?

This is because the albums in the Photos app (both smart albums and user-created albums) do not physically contain any photos. All photos are physically kept in the Camera Roll only (this is also why Apple renamed it a few versions ago to “All photos”). The smart albums can be regarded as automatic Camera Roll filters.

What is iPhone photo library?

iCloud Photo Library is part of Apple’s iCloud service, and helps you back up, sync, and share your images and video. … It’s an optional part of Apple’s iCloud service that you can enable at any time, and uses your iCloud storage to upload all new images and video from the Photos apps on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Does deleting photos from Photo Stream delete them from camera roll?

Your device will store up to 1,000 Photo Stream images, and the iCloud server will keep 30 days worth of Photo Stream snapshots. … When you delete a photo from My Photo Stream, it will automatically erase from other devices connected to your iCloud account. This will leave the Camera Roll copy intact.

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Can you delete photos from camera roll but keep in album?

You just have to transfer your images on iOS photos to third party app and delete them from the iOS photos app. You could upgrade your iPhone to iOS 8 (which you should do anyway for security reasons). It doesn’t have a Camera Roll, so your photo definitely won’t be in it.

Does camera roll include all photos?

Android doesn’t have a Camera Roll as such, Google Photos is simply a portal which shows all the photos you have online and on the device. Everything which is stored in the DCIM folder of the device is presented in the Camera folder, regardless of any folder structure beneath it.

What is Apple Camera Roll?

The camera roll is a place in the Photos app where all your photos and videos are saved. … On a device without a camera the camera roll album is called “saved images”, because other applications can add images to it, but it is holding all images in your Photos library as well.

How do I make my camera roll private?

Here’s the most common way to hide your files via Google Photos on the stock version of Android:

  1. Open the Google Photos app on your smartphone.
  2. Select the images that you wish to hide.
  3. Tap the three-dot icon in the top right-hand corner.
  4. Tap Move to Archive in the drop-down menu.

Can I move photos from camera roll to album?

How to Move Photos from Camera Roll to Album Freely. First I want to share this totally free photo backup tool Syncios Camera Roll Manager which can backup all photos in your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android to Computer. … Choose “Camera roll”. ✿ Click on “Export” , then choose a save path to backup your camera roll to PC.

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How do I get photos off my iPhone?

Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

  1. Plug your iPhone into your computer with the USB cable.
  2. The Photos app should automatically launch. If it doesn’t, launch the program using the Windows Start menu or search bar.
  3. Click the Import icon in the upper right corner of the Photos app.

What happens if you turn off iCloud photos?

If you turn off iCloud Photo stream on the device, Photo stream, and the images in the stream folder, are removed from the device, BUT NOT FROM iCloud. … This will allow iPhoto to automatically download all photo stream images, and safely store them on your hard drive. Then no matter what, they will be saved.

How long do photos stay in iCloud?

for 30 days

How do I get my photos from iCloud onto my phone?

Get photos from iCloud to be stored on iPhone

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings. Tap on your name -> iCloud.
  2. Select Photos and then iCloud photos (or iCloud Photo Library for older iOS versions). …
  3. Now, all you have to do is wait until the iCloud photos are downloaded to the iPhone.

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